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Pallet Storage

At Enabled Works Ltd we offer Pallet Storage from £2.00 per pallet per week.

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Contract Packing

We carry out complex and delicate hand packing with the utmost personal care and attention.

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Pick, Pack & Distribution

Enabled Works provide a range of tailored Pick & Pack services including packing & labelling.

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Olympia Urns & Vases

We have adopted our very own business supplying Urns & Vases to customers.

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Fulfilment Work & Mailings

Our hand-fulfilment service allows for a completely bespoke, flexible approach to match your production needs.

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Job club - GMB Union Learning centre

We are currently exploring possibilities and looking at setting up a brand new Job club within our site for the benefit of those job searching in the community.

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How can you help Enabled Works Ltd.?

In addition to a these comprehensive services Enabled Works also gladly accepts any donations, which we can use to make a positive difference.

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Pallet Storage

At Enabled Works Ltd we offer Pallet Storage from £2.00 per pallet per week.

We have 400 pallet spaces. (available 24 hours day or night), normal hours 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday free access to goods. (unsociable hours call out fee £12.00 per call)

Contract Packing

At Enabled Works Ltd you, as our customer, can relax safe in the knowledge that all our staff carry out complex and delicate hand packing duties with the personal care and attention to detail that no automated line can provide.

Our inventory system guarantees accurate stock control, and we are confident our experienced and diligent workforce can provide a creative and highly flexible total solution to meet all your packing and distribution requirements.

As a company we are focused completely on customer satisfaction, and set ourselves the highest of standards, we take pride in attention to detail and can assure you that no Job is too small, too complex, or too urgent.

Services include:

  • Over Wrapping
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Assembly of presentation packs
  • Promotional packing
  • Rectification work
  • Re-labelling
  • Sorting collating and assembly
  • FSDU (free standing display units) assembly
  • Ink jet coding
  • Contract packing
  • L Sealing

Pick, pack & distribution

Enabled Works Pick and Pack services are tailored to individual customer requirements. At each stage of the process we ensure that your goods are handled safely and securely with the utmost care and attention. Have your products professionally labelled and packaged ready for delivery.

Pick & Pack

Pick and pack is part of the complete supply chain management process which we offer, beginning with initial receipt of product, and ending with the retail distribution of packed finished goods. Here at Enabled Works we process varying quantities, from pallet to container loads, disassembling and picking the relevant product for each required destination before re-packaging and labelling as required.

Case Picking

Case picking is the gathering of full cartons or boxes of product. This usually involves smaller quantities on a pallet. In the consumer products industry, case picking larger quantities of cartons is often seen as an entry level employee task, however, we always try and make that little extra effort to help ensure the best use of available space so that delivery and transport costs are kept to an absolute minimum.


We offer a range of distribution services through a network of local and national transport couriers. We can distribute goods directly to your customers if required so that you need not worry about on time in full deliveries.
At Enabled Works, we manage all aspects of the delivery process for you.

  • Small single pick items to complex multi-picks
  • Ability to handle diverse range of goods
  • Palletized racking
  • Stock rotation (if required)
  • Consolidation of orders
  • complete palletising, shrink wrapping & labelling service
  • Tailored distribution services

Olympia Urns & vases

Enabled Works has adopted its very own Urns & Vases business. We supply a range of Urns & Vases to customers. Our products are handcrafted in the UK and include:

  • Adel Urns
  • Lawnswood Urns
  • Olympic Urns
  • Aluminium & Copper Ash Scatterers
  • Grave Vase Containers
  • Various Urn sizes
  • Specialist made urns to your specification
Electro Mechanical Assembly

Fulfilment Work & Mailings

Hand-fulfilment means that all your detailed production needs and requirements can now be met thanks to our unique flexibility; we believe have the capability to handle any fulfilment work no matter how large, small or urgent.

We are confident that we can create and deliver a bespoke solution just for you so if it’s a high-value direct mailing, or perhaps a perishable food item, or maybe even an online business or Ebay shop, we at Enabled Works Ltd will find the solution to suit you and your business.

We currently pack granular powders such as tea, salt, spices etc as well as paint flakes and anti-slip powders in various size packages ranging from 25g to 1kg. If we can help you, give us a call.

Job club – GMB Union Learning centre

Recent changes regarding access to government funding for Fork Lift Truck training, has seen Enabled Works Ltd having to shift focus a little and concentrate in more recent times on the younger end of the spectrum of people currently looking for work.

With this in mind, and with help from the GMB Union we have earmarked the current learning centre area as a potential site within the building to run a Job club.

The room is equipped with the necessary computer hardware and secure internet and disabled access to make this an ideal use of the space for any suitably interested external group or individual to run as an ongoing community benefit facility.

Anyone Interested please give us a call and we would be delighted to discuss how best we can help taking this new project forward on 0113 253 7255.